UGC Concept || Blue Legionnaire Helm

What do you think?
Also I’m already very aware that the horse hair/plume should have been textured properly.
I was going to use a particle system but I wanted to keep the poly count low
In the end there are about 3k triangles
and 1.9k verts (too much) but i know how I can make it fine.


Cool design, but it does not look “proper” for Roblox (in my opinion). Also, as you said, the hair texture is not well made.


I’m not arguing with you, just asking for a bit more detail on this opinion, please.

This looks nice, but it doesn’t look like it could fit on a ROBLOX character head.

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It looks really clean but I think it’s too detailed for Roblox and I’m not sure how it would fit on an avatar

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