UGC Concept || Crimson Silver Cyber Mask (Timelapse)

As we approach the end of March…it’s time to apply to UGC!!!
This is my second main submission - a cyberpunk-style mask that goes with the sword I made for my first submission.


For those interested, yes it has <1200 vertices and 2000 triangles. It also has a 256x256 texture (with ugly uv mapping :man_facepalming: )

Since this is a UGC application, here's the documentation (timelapse)

This version is the 8mb version because the devforum has some upload limits.

I’ll be releasing my full portfolio with all 25+ concepts soon!


Hope you can become a UGC creator! It feels like you post a new concept every week, if not less than that.

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Ok bro I get you decompressed the video but it’s so low quality XD so as the music

Good job!