UGC Concept || Duelling dragons (RL reference)

So I decided to make one of my dream rocket league goal explosions into a UGC concept.
Here we go!
The dueling dragons!

This pair are so fond of you that they’re fighting over you

What do you think! This was my first time doing dragon scales, so the poly count is a bit high i think I might remake it with a texture,


Here’s a painted version bc why not

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Looks pretty neat! I like It, I the head is a bit offputting though, reminding me of a dog head.

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you should try making the transition from head to body less sudden; it just looks kinda off on the head-body meeting area(not a modeler so that’s the best I could put it!). I’d also say that you should listen to Star’s comment and try to make it less dog-like

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I have to ask How on earth did you texture this!? its looks insane. definitely your best concept. did you bake it? if not how were you able to give it the effect that it has?

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Sadly this one is just a concept.
While I did manage to reduce the vert/tri count so it can maybe be uploaded, the glowy material isn’t baked and I still don’t get how to bake it so for now it’s just a concept.

So you didn’t actually make the glow texture?

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I did make the glow and stuff but it’s not a texture. So I can’t import them into a game looking like that.