[UGC CONCEPT] Feedback on UGC "Demon's Skull"

I had a dream of some like monster that had a skull like this. Decided to make it in blender the next morning as a UGC concept. Let me know what you think!



Looks good man! Keep up the great work!


Look good. Maybe make it cover more of the head.

Thanks for the suggestion, Only thing though is that this isn’t a full on face mask. It’s meant to be a skull. (Would be hard to stuff your whole head into one lol)

Ok,Its still really cool.
Remember that there is a face that people will see.

not gonna lie it looks too much like the wendigo skull, already existing UGC.

This Skull somehow reminds me on an SCP, that’s exists.

Also good Job, looks good. :+1:t4:

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Can you link me it? I haven’t seen a single person wearing such a thing in a single game. I showed the concept to a current UGC creator and he called it cool and unique. When you search up skull in the catalog, nothing of any sort pops up.

Thanks for the feedback! That’s probably where I thought of the entity in my dream, though it looked very different in my eyes but I do see the simularity.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 10.20.55 AM
when looked from the top it looks (sorta) liek it.

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Yeah I see where you are coming from. Still very different structure, and style.

this image just reminded me of it

don’t know; it looks rough like a cardboard
i meant redo the model sorry for making the message short
need to be more smoother
but the idea of skull UGC is good keep up :+1:

Its meant to be wider as roblox heads aren’t small, nor can they be crammed into a hard surface or it would probably destroy the whole face (: , this also isn’t a redo of any sort of creation. I simply modeled what came up into my imagination!