UGC Concept hair!

Tips please!


Can we get some shots from the side and back? I’m looking for texture that looks more like hair and I can’t really see it from the front.

Very nice, but like MeganatSA It would be great if we could see the sides of the hair. But looking at it from the front, all I can say is the beads on the sides are nice, you might want to make different colors of this hair if it becomes a good UGC item.

As somebody who dislikes fancy hairs and all this “aesthetic” styles (i prefer simplistic), I’d say it actually looks quite nice. It just looks unoriginal, like I couldn’t tell the difference between this and all the other aesthetic hairstyles.

Very nice result, I like the curls and the decoration added over the hair.

  • The upper scalp of the head is overly exposed so you might want to cover it up a little bit more.
  • There is no texture to it other than a gradient color shading at the end of the hair that is barely noticeable.
  • The Curls seem to pop out of the hair and are not resting on the hair itself as if it was burnt or solidified.
  • Fixing the ends of the hair might be a good idea to make it look more like a hair.

Overall, Good modeling effort and you might want to show us some other pictures showing other sides of the hair.