UGC Concept - Hands-Free Wormhole Device

Looking for feedback on my recent UGC Concept that I’ve made to try to get into UGC via the applications.

I tried to fit alot of detail into this concept. (mind the bad texturing)


Looks good, apart from the stretched texture. I suggest fixing that before uploading it.

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Looks cool, buuutttttttt…

It kinda looks a littllleeee… stolen… copied maybe?

Either that or you took a little too much inspiration.


I didn’t use this as reference i used a model my friend made in studio and recreated it in blender then i recreated that model into a ugc concept.

This is what the original model looked like that was made by my friend if your curious.



Intentional! Because I don’t know how to make a proper metal texture so had to think of something else.