UGC concept || High-Security Head

UGC applications are open!!! So I’m building up my portfolio.

was my latest addition.
What do you think? Is it worthy
I’m really excited and hope I get in!


It looks good! I would make it a bit smaller though. 9/10!


This is the most creative UGC concept i’ve seen on here in a while!

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This is pretty good and creative too

Pretty nice. DO be sure that all the parts are aligned. From this view, it looks as if the glass block is edged towards the right hand side of the hat. Also, if I were you, I would make the lasers a little more evenly distributed to give it more of a natural look. Other than that, I think it looks good.

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it looks good, although you could change the position of the lacers and the scale since it is too big and it is possible that it is within the size limit of a valid ugc accessory

The container looks off with it being so subdivided and the glass just being a cube.

Nice work tho.

make smaller, laser have more variation then will be better

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