UGC Concept: Holy Receipts

New UGC concept I made meant to be a front shoulder accessory.


Damn, that person must’ve bought a lot of stuff! :weary: :flushed:

Since the paper looks a little worn out, maybe add some tears?


My mother when she says she will go shopping for only an hour:

Jokes aside thats wonderful, good job! I hope you get into the UGC program.

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Dang it we only went there for groceries.

Looks fantastic, I’ve never seen something like that before and I love the idea.

It looks good! But i’m a little confused on how it would look on a roblox character

  1. Why is it on the arm?

  2. It looks a little small. :pleading_face:


They’re based on some armor accessories on the armor. Typically they can go anywhere/can be larger or smaller, but that armor has them placed there

Perhaps a huge one on the front of your character at some point?

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No, I think a slightly larger one on the upper right torso will look nice by itself. :slight_smile:

Knowing @Stratocratic, they’ll probably make a GFX showcasing the items, kinda like they did with this:


Woah a very cool creation

Can’t wait to see more of your work :smile:

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thanks! It looks extremely tiny though, for the amount of detail it has

While the accessory looks nice, I wouldn’t suggest fitting it onto the player’s arm, because if someone were to change their avatar’s body type to something like 2.0, 3.0 etc., then the item would just appear as if it were using the R6 bounding box. This is one of the main reasons why we don’t have an option for arm accessories, because there’s so many varying sizes that it would be extremely tedious and cluttery to upload the same accessory to fit with everything. It’s better to put it on the torso (or even on the shoulder, but you’d have to make the mesh wrap around the edge of the shoulder instead of laying flatly) as a frontal option already exists, that and most UGC creators fit their items to work with 1.0 (standard avatar type) and 3.0 body types.

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