UGC Concept || Laura Bodewig eyepatch

Now I’ve never watched this series, but I’ve been wanting to make an eyepatch for a while and this one looked pretty cool.

Blender wasn’t behaving and didn’t want to render it properly so I only have a preview render atm.
I’ll try and get a better one soon.

EDIT: here it is:


Looks really cool! I’d definietly buy this if it was on sale! Keep it up!

Anime character from Infinite Stratos (my least favorite anime) :weary:

There are a couple of problems with the model. I will be listing them below.

1. There’s no red on the strap.

2. The red circles should be smaller and the patch covering the eye should be rounded off more.

3. There should be grey metal bits replacing the light grey here.

4. The red lining below the patch should be a little bit thinner.

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When I modelled It I used a clearer reference pic and it had red on the strap so yea…but you’re right it is very thick

Everything else I’ll try and fix now. Thanks!

Nice ! Keep up good work !!! :wink:

OK I fixed some of the issues and got a better render

rotate the eyepatch and change it so it isn’t so close to the other eye.

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