UGC Concept || Leek sword (For Miku)

I made a leek sword for miku fans ig

Like it?


It lacks texture, then it would be much better.

HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM It looks like a onion sword.

If you’re going for a simpilized look/low poly look. I ultimately think it’s a nice concept and took a pleasing approach. Though I recommend that the sword handle is much bigger and redesigned to be much simpler. To complement the basic look of the sword blade and teh size of it. Backtracking, on previous comments I have to agree with “WeEnd_Nerds” with the lack of details/textures compiled in the model.

Overall 6.5/10 Needs improvements, good for a starter model to edit.


Made some (somewhat) texture improvements

Yes somewhat better then before.