UGC Concept || Warrior Cats Pendant collection (1-3)

I felt like I owed something to these great books that helped make my childhood great. So I decided to make UGC Concepts of them!
I don’t make animals, so I thought of doing simple jewelry with the main colors of each cat.
Here are the first three results!


“There is always something that a cat can do, as long as he has courage and loyalty.”


“Take it from me: A cat will experience many, many heartbreaks in their lifetime. Heartbreaks and setbacks are like enemies, attacking you out of nowhere. Even when you’re strong enough to fight them, the important thing is to keep moving forward, so that you’re constantly putting the enemies of grief and loss behind you.”


“There is always something that a cat can do, as long as he has courage and loyalty.”

I took great pleasure in making these, especially when extracting the color pallets for the jewels.
Do you think I should make pendant part smaller?
I also loved making the beads, I used a special physics trick so I didn’t have to fiddle with curve paths and arrays or such. The bead literally fell into place.

Here’s the PSD file I used for the textures (I used Photopea) so if anyone wants to make a retexture for their favorite cat just post it here and I’ll be sure to add it to the collection.
firestar.psd (877.4 KB)
firestar (1)

Otherwise, the rest should be (slowly) coming out soon. They are all exactly in the UGC requirements (2k tris and 1200 verts exactly and a 256x256 texture) so (hopefully) if I get accepted into UGC these’ll be in the catalog.

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Pretty amazing! continue the great work!

I can guarantee that me, my sisters, and a few of my friends would buy these if they came out as UGC. Plus millions of others. Amazing work!

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