UGC Concepts are littering Cool Creations

Ever since KinekoKitten made a video about a guy who stole assets and got away with it and entered the UGC program, I’ve noticed that more and more people are using #help-and-feedback:cool-creations to show off UGC concepts and linking their Twitter to hopefully gain recognition and enter the program.

(video can be found here.)

The video made a lot of people believe it’s very easy to get into the program. To gain the recognition you need to put your stuff out there for people to see, but instead of keeping it on Twitter, it’s common for people to exploit #help-and-feedback:cool-creations to gain attention. Now it’s common for this type of topic to appear, and it has really gotten on my nerves.

What’s wrong with showing off a UGC concept in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations?

I believe UGC concepts should stay on twitter because UGC is not related to development whatsoever as long as you’re not in the program. Sure, the accessory can be used in a game, but I extremely doubt this is the intention of OP.

TL;DR: People are misusing #help-and-feedback:cool-creations to try to get into the UGC program.


Honestly, I think people should be using the Show Off Your UGC Creations thread instead.
It’s a way to show your UGC without making separate posts while still being on the forum.
And UGC is definitely development. It takes skill to model accessories.


I agree with this as well, that thread is supposed to showoff UGC hats and creations that will maybe become a UGC item one day in there, and not in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations, as that is mostly for cool things made in the community like buildings, UI designs, and especially games!

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What? Modelling and texturing assets is a major part of game development. It seems weird to not want this when things like ads, music, and other tangentially development-related things are fine.


The cool creations category is a place where you receive feedback for your assets and show them off. All the UGC showcases should go to the UGC items megathread that was linked before. Also, they put effort to texture them and model them, they are normal assets.

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False. If you’re modeling assets, for avatars or otherwise, it is development. If you feel a post is off-topic or in the wrong category, flag it.


The points you all are making are fair, however, I’ve seen people post their UGC concepts both on the mega thread AND on a topic. I believe this creates clutter.

There may be nothing wrong with showing off your UGC concept in a separate topic, but if you’re going post it in the mega thread, why create a topic?

We don’t really allow umbrella threads but opt to keep some of the larger ones still running. You have the option to post on either an existing appropriate megathread or make a thread of your own showcasing your works.

The whole point of the Cool Creations category is to show off things you’ve made and to make available the support categories for receiving actual help on certain roles of game development. No user is in the wrong for posting their UGC hat concepts to the category, but feel free to flag duplicate posts (if a user posts to both a megathread and as a new thread).

UGC hat concepts are still concept work: concept work is still development work: Cool Creations is for showing off development work and receiving feedback or discussing it. This is not category misuse.

From a more personal standpoint: why wouldn’t you use every chance you can to demonstrate your talents in hopes of getting opportunities? That’s also what the Portfolios category is for: instead of showcasing a focused item, you’re showcasing your entire career hoping to get offers.


I looked through and saw quite a few which were actually looking for feedback which I’d rather not move and clog the thread, though if you do see any that aren’t following this:

Feel free to send them to me in a DM and I’ll merge them into the Show off your UGC Creations thread.

I also added this part to the About post to hopefully encourage people to post there: