UGC Concepts - Biker Kitty Helmet & Midnight Neko Mask

Hey all! Thanks for all the feedback on my previous posts.

These two models were both created on Autodesk Maya, which is a change from me normally using Blender. Overall, I find that my personal workflow is easier on Maya just because of how I usually build my models in terms of topology. I am still learning Maya, but it may just be better… who knows! If you are interested in details with topo and stuff, click the spoiler at the bottom.

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Topology, Statistics, and other Info

Kitsune Mask - 565 verts, 512x512 Hand Painted (No environment)
Modeled in Maya, Textured in Substance, Rendered in Maya

Biker Kitty Helmet - 473 verts, 512x512 w/ Studio 01 Backlight Environment
Modeled in Maya, Textured in Substance, Rendered in Blender

Let me know what you think! :blush:


Well done! These are some pretty cool concepts. I notice that the topology on the motorcycle helmet gets a little wonky in some bits, more notably on the ears. I recommend smoothening out the surfaces & correcting N-Gons going forward! As for the Midnight Neko Mask('s render), I’d advise not putting a dark mask on top of a dark backdrop as it gets hard to visually discern the general shape & form of it.

If you need any extra advice, feel free to add me on Discord (X0ROW#1809) and I can further help you with your assets.


This is Great for Motorbycle fans. :+1:t3:

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