UGC concepts for a portfolio

UGC Concepts, I’m just new, and I don’t know if they are good enough. Is there anything I can do to get into the program?

“Snail of Gradience”

“Vase Thieves”


“Treefolk” 2.0

“Wizard of Renaissance”

“Straw Hat / Salakot”


Woah, I love them all! I don’t know if you apply for the program (actually I don’t know anything about the program), but your work is amazing, keep it up.


Thanks!.. There are things that I need to know, well since I’m just a newbie this is just the start of my journey.


They look so awesome! I love them!!!

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Thank you so much! I have searched for some ideas from social media, yet those are the results from brainstorming.

Yes, you have talent! I really liked “Snail of Gradience” and “Treefolk” I hope you will be accepted into the program.

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god damn this looks amazing. i love all of them equally! Good job

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These are definitely my favourite, the colour choices are awesome and not to mention that the overall designs are so cute!

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Thanks! I really hope I get into the program.

Thank you! I’m making something cartoony, and realistic but the snails… are actually my best creation

I appreciate it! I’m glad you like the results, thanks!