UGC Creation Hub

Game Where UGC Creators Can Upload and Show Off there creations as well as Trade, and sell them for In-Game Money!

Here Are Some Previews of the Item Submission Page:

When Creating an Item you have the option to Use Multiple meshes, as well as I’m in the process of allowing the players to create base parts, and hopefully in the future, they can add simple animations as well, like an example being say someone creates a Halo that you wear on your head, so they animate it to spin and move a bit, there’s many ways I could go. My Only issue being the permission of users, i will try to find a trustful way where the creators trust the system as I will not steal anything from them, that being said i would like to have a way to kind of set that in stone. Maybe a way to have a “legal” document or something of that matter, sounds weird but i want the creators to come join so i want them to trust me as well.