UGC Creation - Purple n Red striped tophat

Name: Purple n Red Striped tophat

Price: 50 :robux_gold:

Description: Banded top hat? more like Striped top hat, Am i right or am i right!

heres what it looks like



  1. Would you wear this
  2. How are the colors
  3. how is the design of the hat it’s self
  4. should the price be higher or lower?

Thanks for taking the time to read!

  1. I myself wouldn’t, the colors aren’t my style.
  2. Again, colors don’t look very appealing but others could like it more than myself.
  3. I like the shape of the hat itself, how it expands at the top.
  4. Price, for the most part, just depends on how many people you want to buy it. The higher the price, the less people buy it, regardless of how much time you put into it as long as it looks decent. There are items that cost hundreds or thousands of robux that take half as much time as something that costs around 50, it really just depends on your demographic and demand.