UGC Creator unable to upload items to groups

Reproduction Steps

Whenever an UGC creator tries to upload an item into the group store it gives us the [“errors”:[{`“code”:12,“message”:“There was a problem while trying to upload the new asset”,“userFacingMessage”:“Something went wrong”}]}

Expected Behavior

The item should be uploaded to the group store provided that we have the permission levels

Actual Behavior

We are not able to upload any item


The creators managed to figure out that if we have the ownership of said group the error is no long present

Issue Area: Catalog Assets
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-06-16 00:06:00 (-03:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-07-15 00:07:00 (-03:00)
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Hey @Morniratu

We will begin investigating this issue starting next week! Until then, you can use the workaround you just mentioned!

Thanks for the report and your patience!


I am experiencing the same issue if you need more information on to why this is occurring: (Below)

In the past, the user @Real_AmazingC was able to upload 6 items to my group, Coast (Coastᅠ - Roblox). He was given all the permissions he had before and ranked to “Developer” one of the highest ranks my group in order to upload this item to my store. Before, this has never been an issue and he was able to do so without owning the group or anything along those lines. But, today (7/28/2022) at around 4:00 PM ET we experienced an issue with this because when he would try to upload it to the group and it stated “Submission failed” then below it said something along the lines of “Errors, code 12, message: There was a problem while trying to upload the new asset”, UserFacingMessage";Something went wrong:". (I can show a screen shot of this to show exactly what it says if necessary). Once again it occurred in my group Coast (Coastᅠ - Roblox) and the item was already approved through the UGC forum so there shouldn’t have been any issues with uploading. Was this permission to upload changed to people who only own the group or is this just a bug? Thanks.

Where: My group: Coastᅠ - Roblox

When: At 4:00 PM EST 7/28/22


Here are all the permission he had:

  • When he last did this on June 17th, he was able to do it with little to no issues!

Thank you!

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Can we get an update on this? This is impacting my sales and income greatly. Thanks!


Hi @Kairoh3D

No updates yet, but I will make sure to come back when I have!

Thanks for your patience!


Hoping to hear back on this soon. I have quite a few items that need to be uploaded under groups and this has been holding me back for a while now.

Same. I upload for many people and this has been holding me back for months. Do you have any updates on this? @Focia19

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Any updates on this issue? @Focia19

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Hi there @Focia19 I got some news on this issue. At first we tought that this was related to group uploading only but recently we found out that there is a chance of the error happening while uploading to our own profile. I did not encounter the error but other creators reported it on our guilded. The difference between the two errors is that when uploading to profile the item actualy gets uploaded but with the error message while group upload does not work at all!


Hey everyone!

A fix for this issue is coming soon!


Amazing! Can’t wait to be able to upload more stuff! <3


Is there a way we can be notified for when it will be fixed? Thanks!


How long can we expect to wait?

The fix is currently being tested, we will announce here when it will be shipped to production!

Thanks for your patience!


The issue should be fixed now!

Can anyone confirm?


YAY! I’ll have my uploader test tomorrow! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, the group upload is now working! Thank you!