[UGC] First public UGC concept. What do you think?

Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing well!

So I’ve been working on a few UGC hat concepts, and I figured I’d share one of the models that I made recently. The one attached to this thread is a fedora that I made today. It ended up looking like a Classic Fedora-ish (even though that wasn’t my goal, I guess I just like how the CF looks like…), so I changed it up a bit, gave it some extra curves and stuff to make it look more unique.

Anyways, I figured I’d share it with you folks to get some feedback & tips on things that I could potentially improve or work on. You can also grab the model here if you want to take a closer look at it.

Thanks in advance!

Image from Gyazo

Image from Gyazo


Nice, that looks great! My only criticism is on the last picture at the top of the hat it looks like a sharp edge, awesome though!

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Thanks! Right, it does look like a sharp edge (it’s probably just a weird angle).

Much better! I think it was the angle.

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Did you use blender for this hat?

Yep, I did. I used to use Cinema 4D a few years ago back when I made animations, but I figured that there are more resources for Blender, so I switched.


tips fedora
cool! I like it, except.I think it should be rotated by at least 25º on the character.

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Thanks! Hmm, so something like this? image

May I plz PLZ PLZZZ see a front view?

Sure. Here’s how it looks like now: image

And this is how it originally looked like: image

ok, im talking like if this before:

make this:

tips fedora again

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Oh right… that actually looks pretty good, especially if you tilt it on 2 axes.

Makes it look more unique.

I think the hat should look micheal Jackson style: image
, but keeping the color of the hat that you made.

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Good idea. I’ll probably end up making a second version of the fedora with a bit of tilt & other modifications.


I ended up making a 2nd version & modified it to give it a Sinatra/Michael Jackson look.

Image from Gyazo

Wait so which part is the front again?

Right, the low part is the front side.

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The white line that goes around it looks odd and on the top there is a weird hole image

apart form that its a verry fancy hat

Yeah, I can smoothen that out. Thanks for your input!

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