UGC Hat Concept I Made A Few Days Ago

Hello! This is my first post on the Devforum, but not my first hat concept (I can release the older ones I’ve made if requested.), so I’m pretty new to it. A couple days ago I made this UGC hat concept. Please leave feedback in the replies!

Hat Name:
Pink Axolotl Beanie

Potential Price: 50 R$



You can try it on in Axolotl Beanie Try-On - Roblox if you want. This hat idea came to me when I realized the lack of axolotl related hats on roblox (they are my favorite animal). Once again, please leave feedback so I know how people feel about my hat concept. Thank you, and I hope you have a nice day! :smile:


Creative! If you’re really interested in joining the UGC Program I recommend posting it on Twitter with #RobloxUGC and #RobloxDev

Not too bad , well done :+1:

Maybe add few designs on the pink part because it looks plain and empty.

its good but i think you should add more details but still a really good hat that made in few days

Finally people have finally made a UGC item dedicated to axolotls. I myself am a huge fan of axolotls and it brings joy to me that someone took the time to make something related to them. Really good job and I hope that this goes on the catalog someday.


Thank you for the feedback! I was originally trying to do that but I’m still pretty new with working with uv’s. I’ll probably try to add something onto the pink part today.

Very cute, if you’re going for a simple look; it’s perfect! However, to top it all off, I would recommend maybe giving it a little eyes and a cute mouth; but if this is to make you the Axolotl then scratch my idea. I think this is super cute!

Thank you so much for the feedback! That’s what I was trying to do when initially texturing, but I kept messing up and got really confused. I’ll probably try again today. :smile:

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Adorable! You definitely have potential. :grin:

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