UGC Head not tinting head color correctly

When attaching a head accessory to a Humanoid rig, the colors on the side of the face are always primarily grey, no matter what settings/descriptions are changed.
The accessory is fine when no longer parented to the rig, so it seems to be an accessory rendering issue.

Video showcasing the grey colors always being forced:

Video comparing the accessory outside the rig:

Here’s the UGC accessory if you wanna test yourself:
testingface.rbxm (4.9 KB)

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Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket in our internal database.


I looked into this in detail. The problem is that the UVs for the head part that is not the ‘face’ so to speak are all at (0,0) this doesn’t work well with humanoids (due to some underlying tech choices that we cannot easily change without breaking other content.)

Please move those UVs to another part of the head where the skin color is present and that should fix the issue for you.

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I very much appreciate the breakdown of the issue at hand <3

Also FWIW it seems our documentation here: Character Specifications | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub, doesn’t clearly describe the actual usable UV range. e.g.

“Coordinates - All UVs must be created within a 0:1 space.”

So I have pinged people internally to update that page so that other developers don’t hit this issue.

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