UGC IP Theft Is Not Being Punished

Hello, I want to say if anyone at Roblox is seeing this to look into this if this is some error. However I had to DMCA a few people this week for stealing my items. One of which stole 5 of my items. I DMCAed all of them through rights manager and they were all approved and removed as they were 1:1 copies of my items. However this user seems to have suffered no moderation. The user continued to play games and doesn’t seem to even be banned after FIVE DMCA REQUESTS and seemingly still has access to uploading. Where is the accountability for this? Why are these users getting slaps on the wrists for stealing our items and uploading them as their own?

User: TheDrinkDriver - Roblox

Why are these users stealing items at this quantity getting slaps on the wrist? What happened to account termination after like 3+ DMCA takedowns? This user seemingly hasn’t even suffered a ban as he was playing games all day after the 5 takedowns occurred. People need to be held accountable for stealing other peoples work. Why are these users getting away with this and allowed to do it 5+ times with no real consequence? Why do they still keep UGC access? I am hoping someone at Roblox sees this and looks into this and helps improve UGC protection and punishments for creators so people can’t just steal our items for themselves. This should not be so lenient.