UGC Issue - Could not fetch details for the asset

Reproduction Steps

Hi, I just received access to upload UGC assets. However, when I tried to upload them in studio, it says ‘Couldn’t fetch details for the assets’. Not sure what exactly happened as I believe the layering are correctly in order.

Here’s what happend. Can someone advise on this?

Expected Behavior

If everything are correctly in order, I’d expect the asset will be upload into the system and I share post it into the UGC marketplace.

Actual Behavior

Here’s the layering and the error that pops up.



Issue Area: Catalog Assets
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often


Hello @MonstaGameHub - apologies for the large delay in response.

This is typically caused by one of the supporting primitive assets, such as an Image or Mesh, not having been created by you and/or the group you are uploading on behalf of. Alternatively, maybe one of those supporting primitive assets has been rejected by a moderator. It can also happen due to a variety of other issues, but these are the most common causes.

Were you able to get your content created or figure this out? Is this still an issue, and have you ruled out the two causes I described above?

I’ve known this but when I first came across this error I was very confused and thought it was a bug. More descriptive errors would be nice, especially if UGC plans to go public soon.

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