UGC Item listed on marketplace for sale shows as not currently for sale

I have multiple items that on the Creator Dashboard all have the on sale checkbox and price listed, but when looking at the marketplace listing the items are saying not currently for sale. No amount of unchecking and then re-publishing the item has fixed the issue.
When the items were initially listed they showed as on sale for a brief period (maybe 24 hours total), then started appearing as not listed for sale as currently shown. It has been about 1 - 2 weeks and the issue has not resolved itself and general support has not been able to address this issue or provide any kind of context. I haven’t had any messages or information about this being a moderation issue and one support person has said this is a known issue being worked on but with no other information about it.

Below is my Creator Dashboard showing the item being listed, all other colors are also having this issue.

This is from an incognito window with new cookies of the market listing for that same item

Here are the affected listings

Let me know if any more info would help clarifying the issue, thanks for the help!

Expected behavior

After listing is set to on sale with a price, and then published it should be available for purchase on the marketplace. The listing is public but the price is not shown and is listed as not currently. This happened with all the uploaded items I have created to far, 7 in total.

When logged out, items display as off-sale. Being logged in causes the items to display as purchasable:

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Thanks, appreciate the help. Turns out the one thing I couldn’t test on my own.

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