UGC Items Not Scaling Correctly for Rthro Avatars & different Avatar Heights

I’m in the process of making my first ever UGC item and I’ve encountered this UGC scaling issue that I cannot get over. Whether it’s intentional or not, I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it’s worth talking about.

If you have a Rthro character the UGC item appears to stretch, thus not keeping its original scale. This also applies when you change your ‘Body Type’ scale (essentially your avatar height). I find this rather strange and inconsistent as I would expect the UGC item to maintain its scale no matter what avatar type you have or whether you change your avatar’s height.

Here’s an example of a shoulder accessory from Roblox themselves. It’s the ‘Penguin Advisor’.

In example 1 the item is perfectly scaled. However in example 2, as soon as the character’s height (via body type) has increased the item has stretched, thus not maintaining its original scale as in example 1. I fully understand that the avatar proportions have changed but why should an item on your shoulder stretch?..Your head, your face, your hair doesn’t appear to stretch, nor your head accessories, so why an Item on your shoulder? In my opinion it’s wrong.

With example 3, you have a Rthro man with body type = 0%, yet you have the same scaling issue where the shoulder item is clearly stretched, again not maintaining its original scale.

In my opinion there needs to be consistency and I would like to see items keep their original scale whether you have a Rthro avatar or not, and also whether you increase your avatar height or not. Accessories, such as head accessories appear to be unaffected by this scaling issue, but clearly items such as shoulder items have this issue. It just doesn’t feel correct.

Thanks for reading and I’d be very welcome to hear your thoughts on this.