UGC Limited 10% Resale amount doesn't appear in Sale CSV Export

As UGC Creators, we receive 10% from every resale of our items. This does not appear in our CSV Export file.

Without these sales appearing in our CSV, we have no way of seeing whether or not our items are reselling, or how much each item makes in resales. This is a very important statistic, and it is currently not able to be aggregated using current data.
They do not appear improperly formatted in CSVs, but rather do not appear at all.

Export your sales CSV to view Limited Sales, and player resales of your limited items do not appear.

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Thanks for the report! The issue has been resolved. Please try downloading your CSV again!


Awesome, tysm for the quick fix!
Wish rows indicated which type of sale it was: Limited Resale, Normal Sale, etc. We can if we calculate if it’s a limited resale by checking of 10% of “Price” is “Revenue”, but that’s a bit of a hassle.

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