UGC onsale not working. ( Yes I have premium)

So I recently got Roblox premium to put my chains ( Lil Uzi Vs The World Chain - Roblox and Elijah Manson Chain - Roblox ) back on sale and it is not letting me, what do I do?

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What happened exactly? Like what have you exactly done, and then what have you tried?

It got taken off sale and I want to put it on sale. I have tried everything and even bought limited nothing works. The roblox admin told me to just applied to dev forum and reupload it… Which is pretty bad since forum isn’t even open (I already applied but never got a response)

What do you mean apply to DevForum though?

for the app and i just got scammed ;-; some guy I got off the fourm said he could upload for me and I checked and he has uploaded but then I payed him and he just wont respond anymore

I’m not sure to understand what you mean; how is that related to the topic?

im saying it is not letting me upload

Yes but what do you mean you need an app and got scammed?

I payed a dude 3k ( half of 5k ) off of the talent hub thing right? So we talked on discord he agreed to upload then the next day after I already payed him said he was not interested in working “for me” so I emailed roblox about it and they in summary said sucks you got scammed but its not their problem so idk what to do… I can upload anything because I do not have upload perms and I have to trust that if I pay some one they wont just take it and leave

Prolly in this case you should report the guy and try to apply yourself to the UGC program

It’ll be hard but if you have something unique and cool, they’ll accept you

here’s the post if you didn’t know (it’s now perm open):

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Reported it and roblox said there is nothing they can do about it.
I applied almost a year ago and never got a response (applied twice) (also the UGC item I showcased made me 44k)

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also UGC applications have been closed for quite some time

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