[UGC Portfolio] HeadlessHorror's 3D Modelling Portfolio

Hey! :wave:
I’m Tom - Also known as HeadlessHorror across my social medias & ROBLOX.

I live in Britain and I’m an experienced 3D modeller and game developer. I started 3D modelling 3 and a half years ago, primarily modelling for my own games and commissions.

I first began posting UGC in February 2020, which I’ve been having a blast with! I’d like to continue making character accessories and would absolutely love to get the chance to be involved with the UGC programme; providing assets which users can wear and express themselves with.


Collaboration - HeadlessHorror (Modelling) & AshCr4ft (Texturing)

Collaboration - HeadlessHorror (Modelling) & BloxyCarnia (Texturing)

Collaboration - HeadlessHorror (Modelling) & MistyPhantom (Texturing)

I'd love to share my creations with the Roblox Community

I recreated StarMarine614’s ROBLOX character completely from scratch (all of the clothing and body accessories) for my Stroller series

“Skater Bandit” Roblox Toy Accessory I created for @StarMarine614

I would be ecstatic to provide a wide variety of accessories for the ROBLOX community. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on next! I typically share a new creation every few days on my Social Media pages which you can take a look at below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeadlessHorror
Instagram: Login • Instagram

Game Development Portfolio:

Unfortunately, after a year and a half of continuous dedicated work, I’m unable to become a member of the UGC program. I had the pleasure of becoming a member of the UGC Program temporarily, although it was short-lived. I appreciate all the support of everyone who supported my work and creations.


Nice I really recommend headless very talented


I really recommend Horror, i seen him in his games & hes a great modeler! If you need him then do it! :smiley:


All the work is lit! I love how talented you are.
Keep up the great work!


Highly recommend Headless, very quick worker and talented UGC concept creator.


Headless constantly pushes out great 3D models and would be a great addition to the UGC Program!


Wonderful work right here, intriguing and very unique accessories. Some that may do very well in the ROBLOX Catalog. Keep it up! Hope you get into the UGC Program very soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Coolio portfolio, UGC’s made by him are very good too


He makes some really cool ugc items, it would be so awesome if he was accepted!


Great work! Really hope you make it in the program!


Big vouch for the bro. He’s made a thriving community and has exceptional work.


I can vouch that his accessories are top notch


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Highly recommend Headless, very creative and comes up with nice UGC ideas


I’m currently working with Headless on a project directly, and he comes up with unique ideas and approaches for 3D modeling and building. He’s very efficient, and he knows how to make a 3D model optimized with nice topology and edge flow. I would highly recommend him for the UGC program and
his expertise.

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I definitely recommend HeadlessHorror. He’s been working on my team for about half a year and has been doing a very great job. He puts time and effort into making sure that all of the assets are not only optimized and organized, but also look really amazing! I’d be happy to see him a part of the UGC community and creating great UGC content for the catalog!


100% recommend working with HeadlessHorror! He created the “Skater Bandit” UGC item for the Skate Park toy. He was a pleasure to work with and created exactly what I asked for in a timely manner.