[UGC Portfolio] HelpBot_53's UGC Concepts

About Me

Hi there! I am HelpBot_53 I have been using Blender for a while now, and I like to make simple concepts that came into my mind. I will show you some of my concepts below (I’ll keep adding frequently, so stay tuned😉) I want to be in the UGC Program someday so I can make unique, cool, and fun items for robloxians to wear.

Coffee Time Café

Starry Projector Head

Retro Star Cape


Angler Fish Hat

Hermit Hat

Angry Pet Crab

Galaxy Core

Clock Head

Sandstorm Aura

The Other World

Puffer Fish Companion

Mischievous Shadow

Shadow Of Mischief
Mischievous Shadow Ver. 2
Mischievous Shadow Ver. 2 No.2

Face Paint-ing

Arcade Wings Ver. 1

Arcade Wings: Blue

Arcade Wings: Pink

Arcade WIngs: Red

Arcade WIngs: Black

Christmas Caroler
Christmas Caroler

Snowflake Sunglasses

Snow Cone Maker

Honeycomb Wings

Gifty The Giftbox Pet

Yummy Pretzel Wings

Churro Scarf

Toy Train Loop

Ube Cake Backpack

Happy Burger Backpack

Pizza Top Hat

Omurice Bag

Peppermint Shades

Bunnylove Hat

Enchanted Tea Party

Citrus Sun Hats

Firecracker Cape

Cupcake Hat


Discord - HelpBot#1647
Twitter - @H_Bot533

Thank You For Viewing! :heart: