[UGC Portfolio] My Accessory's and Hats for the Roblox Catalog

Hello, I’m working on Accessory’s and Hats I want to make for the Roblox Catalog.

UGC portfolio.zip (229.0 KB) <=== Click here to see my extra creations

here is a silly item I just made:


No offense bro but you need to improve a lot more before you can enter the program. 3d modeling is a marathon not a race and you just started it. Also you need to use blender or any other well known modelling software( 95% of people use blender) to make ur models for the catalog as you can import it in fbx and its just easier. I wouldn’t recommend leaving this post open as people would just say the same thing that I would say which is you need to practise a lot more.


I don’t know what app you’re using, but one thing that i’m noticing is the lack of symmetry on both sides. It’s ok if that’s your style, but even with asymmetrical designs the artists always balances out both sides. Work on that. But it’s good that you are starting off with simple designs and shapes. Goodluck with your modelling journey.


I put some shapes together this is what I could come up with.

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I’m trying to get into UGC too!
One thing I think would help you is to find something you’re passionate about, or something related to a community you are part of. Everyone has wacky ideas that they want on the catalog, of course! But that isn’t original. Find your theme/flow, and expand into that area instead.

Also, I don’t know what program you’re using but from what I can see, you haven’t joined the shapes together, which means extra triangles/verticies, and the UGC Catalog limit is already quite low. Have a look on YouTube to get a basic foundation of the program you’re using!

Good luck, I hope to see you on the other side some day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: