[UGC Portfolio] Soulskor | 3D Artist UGC Concept Portfolio

Hi there! I am Rage, with the Alias Soulskor. I’m a freelance 3D Modeler on the platform of Roblox and I use Blender, Substance Painter, and Zbrush to create High-Quality assets


  • I can model
  • I can make renders
  • I can make stylized textures
  • I can make PBR textures
  • I can easily adapt and learn new styles of texturing
  • currently learning how to animate
  • I can use Blender, substance painter, and ZBrush
  • I can Build
Drawings and Renders

Corrupted Mage Concept; I rendered my concept and took it into photoshop where I painted and edited it - This is a combination of drawing and 3D Art

This is my UGC Portfolio - I create stylized textures for my UGC concepts


Golden Warrior
I made the helmet and shoulders for the my UGC application and I’m rather happy with how it turned out.
Helmet - 1,914 Tris and 997 verts
Shoulder- 1,436 Tris and 746 verts
Image Size - 256x256
Dragohn golden


UGC Concept - 2,244 Tris and 1,130 Vertices
- Corrupted Knight
- Demon Knight
- Undead Knight
I was experimenting with grayscale


Royal Sorcerer Set
UGC Concept

256x256 Texture

Companion - 2,030 Tris and 1,023 Vertices
Hood - 324 Tris and 164 Verticies
Cape - 864 Tris and 438 Verticies
Shoulder Pad - 752 Tris and 378 Verticies


Ingame Representation of my Textures


Contributions to Community

Humanoid-Lizard Custom Rig By Soulskor - Roblox

Red Biome Tree and Rocks - Roblox
Ice Biome Tree and Rocks - Roblox
Stylized Nature Pack - Roblox
Stylized Tree - Made by Soulskor - Roblox
11 Rocks 7 variants for Each - Roblox

Mushhroom Helmet - Collaboration with Sofloann

Tris - 1,140
Verticles - 579
Image Size - 256x256

Just pink and red though

Special UGC Concepts

Personally, I really like these concepts I feel as though they are unique through the style of my textures and the models themselves

Rock Pet

256x256 Texture
Pet - 1,444 Tris and 784 Verts


Magma and Ice Set

256x256 Texture

Companion - 2,244 Tris and 1,140 Verts
Helmet - 214 Tris and 224 Verts
Shoulder - 208 Tris and 106 Verts
a1 a2

The Royal Sorcerer

256x256 Texture

Companion - 2,030 Tris and 1,023 Vertices
Hood - 324 Tris and 164 Verticies
Cape - 864 Tris and 438 Verticies
Shoulder Pad - 752 Tris and 378 Verticies


Fallen Knights

256x256 Texture

UGC Concept - 2,244 Tris and 1,130 Vertices
- Corrupted Knight
- Demon Knight
- Undead Knight
I was experimenting with grayscale

The Outsider

256x256 Texture

Companion - 2,260 Tris and 1,148 Vertices
Helmet - 680 Tris and 344 Verticies
Backpack - 742 Tris and 389 Verticies

Cyberpunk Themed Concept

256x256 Texture
Character Model - 1,860 Tris and 934 Vertices
Hair Model - 242 Tris and 125 Vertices
Jacket Model - 780 Tris and 388 Verticies

The Guardians

Tris - 1,534
Verticles - 771
Image Size - 256x256

Elemental Companions

Tris - 1,336
Verticles - 670
Image Size - 256x256

Witch Set

Witch - 2,314 Tris and 1,191 Verts
Crow - 426 Tris and 215 Verts
Hat - 401 Tris and 224 Verts
Broomstick - 574 Tris and 337 Verts

Experimenting with stylized characters as companions

Dragon Pet

Tris - 2,219
Verticles - 1,156
Image Size - 256x256

The Dragon Pet will be positioned like the gold, green and purple dragon. The rest are there to showcase the different colours I made for the Dragon.

UGC Concepts


Tris - 2,151
Verticles - 1,120
Image Size - 256x256

Bronze Artifact from Kingdom of Benin

Tris - 1,970
Verticles - 1,031
Image Size - 512x512

Silver Serpent

Tris - 1,284
Verticles - 650
Image Size - 256x256


Tris - 1,396
Verticles - 702
Image Size - 256x256


Plagued Soldier

Tris - 1,212
Verticles - 614
Image Size - 512x512

Norse Axe

Tris - 2,888
Verticles - 1,448
Image Size - 512x512

Bucket Head

Tris - 732
Verticles - 384
Image Size - 256x256

Mushhroom Helmet

Tris - 1,140
Verticles - 579
Image Size - 256x256


Sea Monster



Ice Golem



ezgif-3-98c6f4eb662e ezgif-3-c5a76e260a11

Corrupted Knight

Samurai Armour

Ancient Sandstone Golem


There are 2 approaches I have for modelling and the one I choose depends on the model I’m making. If my model’s idea/concept is more of a hard surface type; I will model it and prepare for textures, however, if it involves cloth or anything organic I will block out the simple shape using primitives instead. I will take them into Zbrush and use dynamesh to join them together. I will sculpt until I have the shape and look I want. After that, I will retopologize the high-poly mesh into something with a lower triangle count


Before I even begin texturing I will UV unwrap my model most efficiently, if I am making stylized textures with the texture size 512 or below I will start to mirror UV maps as that gives me more pixels to work with.

After UV Unwrap I will take the Lowpoly mesh into substance painter. For stylized texturing, I have 2 approaches. I will either create textures with generators only or hand-painted textures and use generators for small things (like highlight or AO).

When I hand paint my textures generally I start with base colours but as of recently I have started to make grayscale textures, grayscale is great for my workflow as it allows me to make changes to the colour a lot easier and gives me more control and an idea of where I want highlights and darker tone to be.

Example of Grayscale

Also, I’ll be updating my portfolio

Thank you for reading!



I really do love all of your work. I could literally never make anything as good as what you’re making. I know barely anything about modelling, so I don’t know what to look for specifically. Hands down some of the best modelling work I’ve ever seen. I have no feedback for you, other than just keep doing what you’re doing.


I LOVE your UGC creations, keep up the hard work! Anyways, I think you’d be outstanding in the UGC market, and you should definitely be achieved for your work! :heart:


  • My favourite must be the candy house. I have to say, it’s something you would expect to see on the UGC page, or even made by Roblox! The quality could be a limited. You have a big chance on succeeding, good luck! Remember, don’t give up! :slightly_smiling_face:

Eyyyy, I think your concepts are wonderful! I wish they accepted you into the UGC program! These are way over amazing!


These are some incredible UGC you are presenting. it has the potential to change the standard of Roblox UGC if you are approved!


Hi, your work is amazing. I currently own a French-based fine dining restaurant, and would love to use you for your 3D modeling! My Discord tag is jessa.#8267 if you are interested!


Hey Soul! I’ve been following you for quite a while in Twitter and have been supporting you for the same time. I really love your incredible work and hope you get into the program soon! :smiley:


thank you i appreciate it, i hope i get in


Nice portfolio, but wrong category. Copy all the text and repost this in #collaboration:portfolios. Then, delete this post.

nope, i did that previously and the moderators moved it back into cool creations

as its not really being used to collabarte but to showcase my concepts

This is INCREDIBLE!!! Keep the amazing work up :slight_smile:

I hope you get accepted into the UGC program.


One of the best modelers i’ve seen in my entire life , good work!

Amazing work, great job!

I think the renders/concepts are great, glad you could collaborate with Sofloann!

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Clean and Incredible work!! One of the best portfolios I’ve ever seen. Hope you get accepted into the program! :raised_hands:


This is great, keep up the good work!


You are such a talented designer! If you do commissions, please message me on the dev forum!

Woahhh I love this like medieval style you go for super cool!

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