UGC Program: Updates to avatar bodies and heads + opening up creation

That’s a really BAD idea, you don’t understand how hard it is to make a head and a bundle. This is hard work, and I know people prefer to buy accessories for 750 robux than bundles and heads. I’m disappointed with these news. Please don’t do that, this is actually hard to make profit with!


same with roblox said “98% roblox user have R15 avatar, and user spend 40% more time on average in R15 experience than in their R6 counterparts” :sob:


What about all the 1:1 limited copies on the catalog?


Something that concerns me as a player as I’m thinking about this: I’ve had a number of items including a bundle drop out of my inventory over the past few days. Several saved outfits pop up the ‘you do not own X number of items’ type warning. I am unsure whether the bundle was moderated or if the creator took it down.

With the shift to nothing under 75R + everything limited (monthly expiration), if the item(s) are taken down from sale do we get to keep what we bought? Is it only moderated items that dip out of inventory? I am worried about a system of a never-ending money sink for temporary avatars and avatar clothing. What happens if what you have gets pulled or taken down and you don’t have funds to purchase avatars and avatar clothing?

Which leads me to…

And most importantly, I know that the goal is to eventually have 100% use of skinned mesh avatars/dynamic heads and 100% use of layered clothing (from the earnings call it looks like at that time it was meant to be in place by Investor Day).

Will we get to keep and use the classic avatars that we have that are designed for 2D clothing, and the 2D clothing items already purchased? Was the 100% compliance mentioned in the earnings call intended to be in addition to existing classic avatars/clothing or as a replacement for them?


I’m glad that things can no longer be free anymore, people have been frquently making something free, but then putting it back not being free for every single release and it gets old. People do this so it boosts their item up on the catalog specifically

Regarding the mis categorization of accessories, there should be a unified price floor for accessory types w similar bounds, for example faces/hair/hats? 50 robux. I know theres some face accessories arent worth 50 robux but i also dont want a few hair creators cough not saying any names, pricing their hairs 15 robux in the face category to get an advantage of sales


FINALLY someone says this. I understand limited copies are a problem but it genuinely feels like people think it’s this “remove copies” button they’re refusing to press when the problem goes way further than that.


why did roblox not allowed ugc creator make ugc 2d face for long time?


Since everybody is talking about the elephant in the room already, I’ll address this:

Instead of adapting to the fact that UGC creators and customers clearly want more static faces/heads (judging by the fact that a majority of the bestselling heads are static), it appears Roblox is attempting to force people to express a certain way. This is hugely disappointing and another step in the wrong direction. The tech should speak for itself if users enjoy it. Roblox does not know “what’s best” for their userbase, and decisions like this and the replacement of static faces are making the platform worse. I’m not against Roblox trying new things but aggressively forcing those new things into users is an awful idea.


ugc is great but if you’re not going to address the obvious huge issues then it’ll be a complete flop

im pretty sure the majority of people here knows that ugc has lots of issues going on that roblox is practically doing nothing about but still wanting to push it to the public


The link doesn’t work for some reason.


ok so you see that button in the top right that says “message”


Are there any plans to fix the issue shown in the image below?


Thank you, but Roblox, please listen and fix the moderation for your UGC, it is horrible, which you’d know if you haven’t been living under a rock! Public UGC will be a disaster if nothing is done.


While I know how unhappy the community is with the changes, I can understand why Roblox decided to make these changes.

  • There were a few UGC knockoffs, and one of them tried to impersonate the official Roblox account. Delaying public UGC access gives staff and moderators time to address this issue, take action against existing items that violate the community standards, and improve the system a bit.
  • The naming filter for assets and marketplace items had stopped working at one time, resulting in items with names that I can not say on the forum for obvious reasons. I assume this was patched, because I have not found any such names in UGC items since.
  • Some of the UGC items are copyrighted items from companies such as Disney, Cartoon Network, and Kelloggs. While these companies have not yet taken action, this was possibly another lawsuit waiting to happen.
  • Some invisible bodies can be used to completely hide yourself in order to cheat, especially with headless body bundles that turn you completely invisible. Unfortunately, anti-cheat only checks for third-party software installed, not cheat bypasses using UGC copies.

Seems like a bad move at first, but I think it is necessary.


Then again, classic t-shirts aren’t used to physically break games and worsen players experiences lmfao


Why? is it because the market is flooding with poorly made ones (that your moderation let in) or is it for another reason? Why dont you guys ever tell us this??

Why 75? is there something specific about that number or was it just pulled out a hat?

Once again…WHY?

so instead of improving moderation you decide to put it behind a paywall? I mean it’s not a bad idea, but I feel it’s kinda dumb…


You already know what I’m going to say about this -_-


Anyone has a big list of free ugc stuff? You know like a last call before the 75 Robux stuff


Yea, I don’t think layered clothing or dynamic faces are a bad idea at all, I just extremely hate how Roblox is trying to force it onto their users though, like why can’t classic clothing, layered clothing, 2d faces, 3d faces co-exist, didn’t they learn from google+ to not force stuff onto their consumers because it just makes the consumer not want it (clearly not)

and the very thing they’re doing goes against their own motto of “Powering Imagination.” I mean like, hell it technically isn’t even their motto anymore, “Reimagining the way people come together .” just some corporate slop, but with all these recent changes it seems they really just don’t actually care about powering imagination anymore, instead “Powering Limitations. (and also your wallet)”

its a shame to see the platform I’ve been on for the past 7 years just slowly painfully self destructing itself with dumb corporate decision after dumb corporate decision because they’re out of touch with their actual community, being too busy trying to appease their investors (which isn’t going well considering their stocks dropped so hard over the past year :skull:)


I don’t have a list, but


A huge majority of the playerbase still use 2D Clothing and Classic Faces. It’s very rare to see people actually use either of them unless it’s an offsale face, or they’re new. I’ve even heard people say it’s another reason they use R6, so they can disable the facial animation. I find it hilarious how many UGC Heads are 2D, despite the REQUIREMENT they be 3D, just proves how many people hate Dynamic Heads.

From forcing a modesty layer on UGC Avatars, even if they support 2D Clothing, and offsaling 2D Faces and reuploading crude, inferior versions and sometimes even more expensive 3D Heads(Err is 300 Robux now!) I simply have no clue how or why they think this is a genuinely good idea other than money.