UGC sales cut shows as 0 robux

Seemingly at random, my sales show making 0 robux.
See image below:

I saw, as seen below, the purchase of a purple tail with sparkles that also didnt give me any cut, and checked if the person who purchases the item, actually gets it. Spoilers: Yes they do. Did roblox take my entire cut?


The group this happens on:

System: Windows 11 64bit

Browser: Opera

Expected behavior

Expected the items to not be sold for free out of nowhere, Recieving my cut for the products ive created.


I am also being affected by this issue… it’s really weird.


We’ve also got the same issue, really confusing.


Same for my group but for clothes.


Same, completely random. I hope it’s just a visual bug and not actually affecting our total pending.


I’ve figured it out, some items we’ve sold, the robux has been given to the people under percentage. Which it shouldn’t of happened normally but I guess it glitched out or something, not sure.


I’m going to bump this since it’s quite a critical issue and is still present on the site. It was also reported again here.


I reported again by accident, but I was informed of what you said but I’m not giving anyone any revenue share under my group, so it seems like it’s beyond that

Okay I take what I said back, I literally just found out that Roblox somehow set MY OWN group’s recurring payout to 100% to me.

I know I said above that I’m not giving anyone revenue share under my group, which is true. I NEVER touched that section of my UGC group. And then I checked today that it automatically set it to 100% to my account.

Why would Roblox set recurring payout to someone without my permission??? I use 2FA through Authy and I never recall setting recurring payout to myself.


My question is why do random sales get payed out in % without any warning?

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It went from some items being paid to my account to all of them without warning or consent. I’m not even sure how that progression could’ve happened in the first place. If something were to happen with the program that set forth this change, I would seriously appreciate a message in my inbox even if it was announced prior. It is super weird

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Here’s proof of this happening:

I believe this should have really been announced before, even though I still get the robux I still dont understand why out of nowhere this happens.

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It seems this issue has now been fixed - I haven’t had it happen to me in recent days.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you!


Pretty weird, it seems this issue is a month old but I begun experiencing it 5 days ago. I am still experiencing it unlike roman.

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