Ugc Sales Haven't came in yet

So idk if this is correct category i hope it is if not pls tell me so i can change it.

So i have a ugc that people have bought and none of the roblox have came in yet i have 86 robux pending and the dates that the item were purchased were

  • 4/28
  • 5/01
  • 5/05
  • 5/08

Like does it take a month to get in? Please help

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Hey there, I’m a new ugc creator who just got some robux from ugc, pending sales from ugc now take exactly a month, you will have your 4/28 sale’s robux in 5/28.

Edit: After some research I found Roblox has the 30 day escrow, meaning Roblox holds your sales for 30 days, starting from the date of sale, after 30 days you will get less pending time depending on the amount of robux (14 to 30 days).

In short: You will have your 4/28 sale’s robux after 30 days (5/28), and after that, the pending time will decrease to 14 days (usually).


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