UGC Studio - A free, easy to use, web-based 3D texture painting tool

UGC Studio

A free, easy to use, 3D texture painting tool for the web.

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ℹ️ About

UGC Studio is a super-simple texture painting tool for the web, allowing you to rapidly paint your assets with basic designs in 3D.

🛠️ Key Features

Paint Bucket & Brush

Paint directly on your asset in 3D with the bucket & brush tool! Any edits you make have full undo / redo support (same goes for all other tools).

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Drag and drop images directly onto your object to create a sticker! Stickers can be moved, scaled, deleted, duplicated, and rotated. You can also upload your own images into the Sticker Library.

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Paint on different layers to get more control! You can create, delete, rename, and reorder your layers. Layers currently work with the paint brush and paint bucket.

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Avatar Fit Mode

Preview your items on the classic character to get a idea of how your item will look! You can move, scale, and rotate your item. You can also switch between fit mode and paint mode at any time.

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That’s all for now!

Made with ❤️ by Team Taqla 🇨🇦

This is actually really insane! Good job on this! But… I don’t understand how this is better than blender? I mean, blender already provides these features with more things. The only thing blender lacks is the sticker feature and paint bucket.

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There’s always someone who does crazy stuff like this for little reason - I mean, I would seriously consider making this paid for as it competes with blender and other sources (maybe even paid) surprisingly well.

Also, even if you’re using blender - while there is a greater level of control - this is so much quicker to use.

Unfortunately though, this might lead to a lot of cashgrab, low-effort UGCs (somehow even more than currently exist lmao).

Being web-based is a significant plus compared to a program that you have to download. Without jumping down the rabbit hole, there’s a lot instances where web-based can bridge device restrictions (ex: allowing for tablet integration) or access restrictions (ex: downloads blocked using a public library computer).

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Okay but how are you going to get your UGC? Steal from online or use the presets? You would still have to download blender.

I am not hating on this resource btw. I love this resource and I hope to see this become better!

A. Two-person design team - one modeling, the other texturing
B. Solo developer commissions just a base mesh, because they can texture themselves (or make use of other generative tools)
C. Utilize assets with a commercial or royalty free license

Those are just a few off the top of my head. It may not be useful to you, but there’s plenty of other developers that might find this useful.


OMG yess!! I just realized you could colab with an online project, that would be so much more time effective, holy avocado that’s a brilliant idea.

These are all options, yes but I personally have a mobile 3d model creator. Granted, I have Android, so I don’t know if you can get one on Apple, but one could make 3d models on Android.

I don’t know if you implemented it yet but if the website also has support for drawing tablets, I can see it being an extremely useful tool.

rich art hat made by me

substance painter if it was free