UGC Upload missing handle

I make my asset in the Accessory fitting tool but when i go to upload it it says cannot find Handle even though it is there.

Expected behavior

Upload asset to the asset store

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hello, the current requirements for accessory handles for UGC assets must be Parts with a Special Mesh, not MeshParts. There is a way to export the accessory in this format from the Accessory Fitting Tool.

Before clicking the blue generate button at the end, there is a dropdown arrow that allows you to change the export type. Legacy (Part + Special Mesh) is what you want.

generate options


Awesome thanks JollySunbro6 although now when I equip the asset the texture is compressed to a 256X256 texture, I thought we could have 1024X1024 now?

Seems like this is a texture compositor limitation when SpecialMesh is present. In-game should use the higher resolution texture if the game has MeshPartHeadsAndAccessories enabled (should be by default)

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