UGG Creators making real knock offs of limiteds are unstoppable. Even when they steal the true mesh

There really isn’t a way out to explain. But I find it unfair to see a large number of UGC Creators cheating by posting accessories that are not at all original and completely stolen. Moderation is unable to do its job properly.Why not recruit a moderator who knows the real limiteds of Roblox?
I’m UGC Créateur and I’ve never cheated myself. I’m just trying to notice by offering things never seen on Roblox but despite my competitors cheating.It is hopeless to make a profit. I know that in the past, the first UGC Creators were much better supervised.

Expected behavior

What made me want to write this post was after seeing tweets exposing malicious groups that were hiding limited UGC accessories with tricks.
It’s like I had a handicap in front of these people.
I can show you 2 groups who are cheating a lot for now.

I don’t want big bad things to happen to Roblox in the future because outside companies complain about seeing children profiting from their business without any permission.

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Remember Jaredvaldez4?
He managed to copy entire games and make millions of R$. It took Roblox 8 years until he finally gave up. The fact is that knock offs will always exist and Roblox can’t do anything about that.

The knock offs are not thousands yet.There must be less than a hundred.
People on social links help locate them.
Roblox admins do not really care about this.
It is still possible to stop them.
At this point they cannot release the public UGC because traders are all going to freak out. Roblox will lose reputation for not having protected those who have invested a lot of real money in trading for example.
I don’t know why Roblox is getting quieter on UGC Creators but hopefully there will be a wave of deleted content in the future.

No, trust me, Roblox will not lose any reputation. For comparison, Roblox is worth 7 Ubisosfts, yes Roblox is worth more than the guys that made AC and Far Cry. And about money, Roblox will only make more money.

Your comparisons are wrong. You compare a platform to video game companies.

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How is it wrong? They both compete in the same industry.

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