UI acting beyond strange

  1. What do I want to achieve? I am trying to make a color scroll bar.

  2. What is the issue? The buttons at some point of the frame disappear entirely and clipdescendants isn’t on. When I try to see the preview of the button by selecting the button, it just doesn’t exist. When I bring the button back into frame it is visible again.

The biggest problem is that the buttons are just not locked in position with the frame which has lead me to asking for help.

  1. What solutions have I tried so far? I have no idea what is going on.

Please help!

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This would be easier to debug if you provided some images and the hierarchy of the GUI.

I would have to send a video because its very difficult to demonstrait but I will explain.

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Basically the scrolling frame has to move around (which is a weird idea I know) but the color buttons in the scrolling frame are fine and not glitched on the x axis. But on the Y axis some color buttons begin existing as we move the scrolling frame down.

So in the end, the scrolling frame doesn’t even work and only a few buttons on the bottom off the scrolling frame exist.