UI Button Mass Tweening

Ive seen a lot of games with ui where you hover it tweens it but all the uis next to the ui that tweened moves so its still the same distance away from the button. Like say the button gets bigger all the buttons that would touch it if it got bigger would move so it wouldnt touch it. I’m wondering if there is any other way then manually doing this for each one.

You can easily achieve this by using UIListLayouts. UIListLayout | Roblox Creator Documentation.

Would I place a UIListLayout in each button?

No, you’d put the UIListLayout inside of the GuiObject (like a Frame) that’s holding all of the GuiButtons.

Well yeah but now it makes them vertical

You can change a property inside of the UIListLayout. It’s called FillDirection. Your options are Horizontal and Vertical.

Should I have two different ones if I want two different rows?

You cannot use more than one. A workaround for this is to use multiple Frames that hold UIListLayouts. But, if you don’t want your GuiObjects to change size, which is the main reason for this post, then you can use a UIGridLayout in replace of the UIListLayout and put a UIAspectRatioConstraint in the UIGridLayout to keep the size of the GuiObjects.


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