UI Camera Looking Box

What is this UI Box thing called, and how can I make/get one?

This is used in a few games, Example: Criminality, Sols RNG

Its just a form of vignette. That is just a decal/image overlayed on top of a frame.

Still cant find anything close to that.

What exactly are you looking for? The decal in itself? You will struggle to find a decal like that exactly but try searching for “Corner border” or something like that.

The Decal itself, I’ve spent ages searching yet cant find one.
Here are my searches:
‘camera frame’
‘camera corner’
‘box corner’
‘ui box’
‘ui corner’
‘gui box’
‘ui frame’
‘camera frame’

Why don’t you just go on paint.net and make your own? It would take like 30 seconds.

Ill give that a go and see if it works.

Alright cool, just make sure that when you make it, you make it on like a 5000x5000 canvas so that when it gets scaled down to a size that small it is still high quality.

I would suggest you only make one of the corners and then upload that to roblox and then flip/invert/transform as required.

Nvm, I seem to have found one on roblox through a RIDICULOUS search. Thanks for helping me though!

Do you remember what the search term you used was? I, only 14 days later, have found myself in the exact same position.

Hi, Im currently working on the same UI as sols rng. Im not involved with the dev team or anything, just for fun, but I can tell u how I did this.

Basically I went into photoshop ,u can use photopea, and made this corner thing only once on a resolution of 800x800. Then i imported it to studio as an imaggelabel and started resizing and positioning copies of it around the UI. Sorry for my spelling and english, it isnt my native language.

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