UI Clipping Issue

I want to make a ScrollingFrame Message kind of this, but then this happens.

(Notice the bottom right.)

I don’t know what the issue is, the image was put in the ScrollingFrame, I am sure of this. I have no idea why this happened. This wasn’t an issue for text either, it worked just fine. This is only an issue for images.

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You could make sure clip descendants is on, if it is then I am not sure what the problem is. If it is in the scrolling frame it should be good and not showing.

It’s on, I’ve already tested that. That’s why the text is the way it is, the issue is the images.

here is a similar issue. It could be a Roblox problem?

I assume this is a bug as well. Really weird.

Have you tried using zindex? It’s a feature much like layers.

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Its not a “bug”, they just didn’t add this feature. I dont have access to create a topic about it in Platform Feedback category, if someone can I would really appreciate it!

I still dont understand why ClipDescendants doesn’t support UI objects that have rotation property set to less/greater then zero and why they haven’t added it in first place.

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I’m having a similar issue, but this is happening with text for some unknown reason.