UI Colors/Themes

What colors do you use when you are making UI. Like do you tend to use less bright colors or do you use bright colors or go for a design theme?

It depends on the theme of the game usually, I think the UI should match the style of the game.

It’s really useful to get a color palette online to make sure your colors match, but it’s all personal preference!


Make the more important UI elements brighter/more noticeable than others. For instance, my shop button is colored brightly so players notice it (and so I can make more money :shushing_face:).

As for the color and theme, it depends on what you’re making (duh). Just make the UI theme match the game theme :slight_smile:


Usually black or dark grey then make it transparent as a background, Then bright yellow or white for the text. My favorite font is Antique and Bodoni.


Sometimes I’ll use colors that stick out to the player – that’s if you are doing like a Buy Currency type thing :wink:


Alright thank you all for your suggestions and help.