UI Corner not working

I’m not sure where to post this, sorry

When I place a UICorner it doesn’t work, no matter how much I increase it stays the same.
Tried multiple frames, buttons, you name it, it just doesn’t work.
image image

First of all, UICorner is still in Beta and works in Studio but not games.
Second you need to restart studio for it to work if you have’nt yet.

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I have tried restarting studio, uninstalling it, and installing it back. It still does not work for me. I understand that it is in Beta but it works for my friends.

It’s in BETA the chances of it working for everyone is actually relatively low

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I have to revive this because it’s now live and it’s not working for me. Here’s a photo.

Both the next and previous buttons have UICorner set to 1,0. This makes a circle, but the other button stays the same. Did I do something wrong?

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Maybe it glitched? I’m not really sure
Try copy pasting the previous button, and make it the next button

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Tried it, fixed all the problems.


Ok, good to know it works! :smiley: