UI creation, needs quite a lot of tweaks

Alright, what I WANTED to say is that this a work that is heavily in progress (UI Wise).

What I want to achieve is the style of the Manhwa logo shown below the hand made dialogue type of UI. The thing was that I wanted some feedback from possibly more professional devs, and support/tips how it could possibly fit the theme of the logo shown below. I’m trying to get the cracks in from the Dark Red BG, and try and manually draw, so this was the final result.

Basically, if I could get some assistance with possibly making it look nicer, I would appericate it. (This was made in the application known as Krita, but if you instead have photoshop or GIMP knowledge I believe the tips would work just as well.

(The first frame is more so meant to be a dialogue bar, but I’m using krita so I have no idea how to make it look grainy.)

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This post is a little confusing, and I don’t use Krita, but I quickly made a similar version inside Roblox studio:

RobloxStudioUISaveFile1.rbxl (38.3 KB)

You can add the grainy look with image labels and a decal to use as “textures”.

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Might I ask what is confusing?

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It was wordy, there were some grammar issues, and I had to reread some parts to understand them. Might just be me idk.

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I’ll change it to be more readable, I made the post in a rush since I had to go somewhere sadly.