UI Creation Programs

Hello there! I am wondering if anybody knows any good programs to create game graphics, and or if I am using a bad method. As of now, I am taking in game screenshots, retouching them, and adding text. If there is a more efficient way to do this, or a good program for doing this, please notify me. This results in okayish graphics, however, if I can make this an easier process. that would be very helpful. Thank you!


If you wanna spend some time you could always learn to use blender since it’s free.

What I do is set field of view on the Roblox studio camera to 1 and take pictures of my assets in front of a green block. Then I take a picture and cut out the green screen in Photoshop.


If you want custom shading/better quality/etc. you’d want to find a software so you can make renders of your game with. Like ScriptOn suggested, Blender is good and is free, but is has a high learning curve if you want to really get into it.

As for making graphics, you can use the free and fairly limited programs Paint.NET (www.getpaint.net) or Gimp. They are both pretty good for free software, and you should be able to find ways to green screen (plugins/using adjustments). (You won’t need to greenscreen if you are using 3D software like blender as you can export with a transparent background.)

If you’re looking something better, I highly recommend Affinity Photo.
It costs $75 NZD (probably like $50-60 USD?) as a one time purchase and is software of a quality very close to Photoshop – without the expensive recurring subscription. In fact, I prefer it over Photoshop.
(It also has a sibling software called Affinity Designer that is the equivalent of Illustrator, going for the same price as Photo – just throwing it out there as they work well as a pair :slight_smile: )


A program I use for creating icons and such, is Greenfish Icon Editor Pro.
Even though it has “pro” at the end, there’s no fees, and it’s completely free.

It’s a great program specifically designed to create icons, so you can’t go wrong there.

It’s also a great way to quickly remove alpha channels (which is how I stumbled upon it a couple years ago.)


Adobe Illustrator is great for making vector graphics. Probably one of my favourite apps. I think there’s a free trial available from Adobe.

  • Illustrator is great for any sort of vector or flat design
  • www.Designer.io is free and intuitive, but lacks a few features compared Illustrator
  • I haven’t used affinity designer, but from what I’ve heard it’s good

Thank you, I am going to try Affinity. Really helpful suggestion.

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I can vouch for Paint.net. I’ve make basically 100% of my graphics in there. Using Paint.net + Blender is the way I would go. Using both, I was able to modify the Blender render and get everything ready for Roblox easily:

On my newer games though I’ve found that using Roblox’s new lighting engine gives just as good results a million times easier:

In fact, a lot of people are already making great “renders” with the lighting engine. I’d recommend looking into that too. https://roblox.github.io/future-is-bright/


I know I withdrew my post but… I use affinity designer and it is like ai but… lacks two features. WHICH THEY’RE ADDING*

The decision breaker is mostly affinity program looks better in general against Adobe.
And it’s a one time purchase.

How much is Affinity?

And is the license unlimited for different computers?

I can vouch for Affinity Designer. I’ve never used adobe, but it seems to be on par with it for a much better price. It’s $49.99 USD.

As for licensing, this is from the Affinity site: “Digital Software orders made from the Affinity Store can be installed by one user on any number of Windows PCs that are for the sole use of one person, OR on one computer for any number of users on it.”

When you install the program you will get a licsense that appears on the site which you insert into the program you’re about to download. This license is not transferable if you don’t deactivate it on the current computer to re-activate it onto another. In other words. You can use the same license for all computers in the future IF you change the license to another pc.
NOTE You can not go from pc to mac or mac to pc though.