UI Decal was uploaded, now it's removed

Hey guys, I’m currently attempting to do UI Design on a new game.

It was working great earlier, and all of a sudden the UI isn’t working for the decals. It seems as if
ROBLOX might have deleted them?


It seems every time I reupload the asset, it just deletes as well. I tried repositioning it in Photoshop to try and get it a little smaller as a solution. ROBLOX seems to not let me upload this asset.

Are there any reasons after being uploaded an asset would be deleted even though it’s not breaking the rules?

[The only concern is that perhaps the transparency of the background is so low, they don’t want in their game, maybe?]

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You can ignore red, but that is what happens every time I try to upload that asset.

Weird. idk.

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I can alternatively try uploading it without the background, but I’m not sure why this decal was working, and now it’s not. My hunch is that they couldn’t identify the background, so they declined it.

If you have uploaded it many times in a short period of time it may be due to a bot thinking it is spam.

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It wasn’t that at first, it was working fine at first. Then just randomly gave out.

(1) Images/UI - Roblox - This is the original decal that was deleted from ROBLOX it seems.

It’d very frustrating if I were to upload my game, and to have found out that this decal was deleted later. – Kinda confusing.

I’ve found an alternative.

If I remove the asset from the template and add it as a separate background with low transparency.

It still works, but this was a weird workaround. I guess I can change my thumbnail background easier this way but still doesn’t answer why this decal was deleted AFTER working in my game for like 15 hours.

I’ve now been temp. banned for reuploading this image as inappropriate.

The image wasn’t at all? Weird.

Please message the Moderation Review Requests group with a link to your asset and explain your circumstances. They will be able to give your asset a second review and accept it for the site or explain the issue that causes this asset to not be okay for the site.

It could be that the image was too confusing to moderators so it was declined.