UI Design - Can this be organised better?

Hello. Thank you for showing your interest in my post. I am Tengarapatu, and I have been scripting in roblox for a year. Recently, I had been working on an admin command system, and when all the UI is opened at the same time, it looks somewhat like this: :sweat_smile:

Is there any way to organise this better? Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thanks again for your time and attention towards my problem.

That, is messy.


Maybe get rid of these:


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I think the borders are too much rounded. image image

I don’t like that blue colored text image
Try make the background some darker color, because it’s hard to see the icon image

You need to make them not stretched:image

You are using too many fonts, try using one or maximum two fonts for better user experience.

One more thing, this is just too messyimage

Try reading articles about UX (user experience) and UI.

In my opinion, I don’t like this UI but I’m sure you can improve it and make it look good! :wink:


All the suggestions were taken and the UI has been improved a lot and looks nicer now. Thanks to everyone who contributed to solving my problem by posting detailed ways to improve the UI. Though I am currently quite satisfied with the new UI, any kind of suggestions to further improve it would be appreciated. Thank you again for your time and attention. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Note: I will be recoloring the lock button and the reposition button soon.

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Reduced the UICorner.Offset Property from 25 :flushed: OMG I didn’t even notice it was THAT high… to 8.

Changed the ReplyButton.TextColor3 Property to Color3.fromRGB(255,255,255).

Changed the ImageButton.Image 's BackgroundColor3 from Color3.fromRGB(0,255,0) to Color3.fromRGB(0, 154, 12).

Added UIAspectRatioConstraint inside SearchButton and RefreshButton.

Changed all fonts to TilliumWeb and Merriweather (Maybe some Oswald and SourceSans too but most probably not.)

Readjusted position for reducing messiness.

Thank you for your help. Your efforts for helping me improve my UI are appreciated.


Hello! That sounds very good! I created my version based on you GUI. Notice how I only used few colors and the shades of them. And you can see I only used two fonts (Roboto and RobotoMono).
You don’t need to give every button a background. The background needs to be transparent sometimes, this is documented at Material Design.

There are all the colors I used (in rgb format):
(55,55,55) - background
(0, 150, 136) - the primary color, I used it at buttons and textboxes
(59, 59, 59) - just the brighter version of the background, used it at the textbox borders (except at the message respond)
(212, 77, 77) - error message background
(255, 92, 92) - error message title background

This 5 colors are actually just 3 colors but with different shades.

You must keep doing UI design, you are getting better and better at it!


I really like the style that this UI contains. No corners, no transparency, no funky icons, etc. Thank you for helping me so much. I really love the vibe of this UI. Thanks again for your time towards helping me make my UI look from a childish non implementable design, to a professional-looking design. I will always be grateful to you.

EDIT: The only visible problem about your UI is that some of the core functionalities are kind of lost, as it is kind of hard to understand whether the lock button is in locked or unlocked state, also the “X” button is missing from the notification. Also, the setmessage is gone now.

EDIT 2: Though it looks cool, the reposition button does not signify what it is supposed to. How’d I fix that?


The Lock / Unclock is a thing, you need to script it to work. I forgot some close buttons, that’s my fault.

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What do you mean “reposition button”?

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I meant, how would I make it “appear” like it is locked?

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That golden thing… that repositions the UI window.

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Create a script, when you click it, you change the icon.

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Yes, I had been doing that in my earlier UI, but how would I implement it here? I’m just asking about the visual aspect, I got the coding part covered.

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Ooooh, I didn’t figure out what that icon suppose to do so I just put in some random icon.

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Well I used Feather Icons plugin for the icons.

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So, how would I make the locked image look?

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You create two imagebuttons one for the lock one for the unclock, and hide/show them based on the window is locked or not.

I recommend Figma for creating sketchups for your UI in the future.

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Just a clip from my previous UI showcasing the functionalities of the buttons and stuff. Kindly ignore if you see the video having a stroke lol, that is the max a GT 660 and an Intel i3 could do.


All the shown functionalities are required, but trying to implement the same on your UI, would completely destroy the current beauty (lol yeah) of it. Visually, how would I make this look better? Please note that I have never used any electronic gadget worth more than $300 so I have no idea about the flagship stuff.

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Well, it isn’t that hard to do. It wouldn’t destroy it. I would say just make a backup of your current game (in case you mess up something) and try re-script the UI.

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