UI Design Commission!

Hello all! I recently completed a UI Commission for a game currently in development. The game is a comedy style game. Here is the UI design. What do you folks think?


The overall design of the shape is fine, no issues with the edges. I think the contrasts are out of places and don’t blend well/isn’t appealing to the eyes, especially the border and the microphone. The choice of colors could be improved as well, by adding another or just sticking to the shades of pink.

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Nice job, however, I have some tips and feedback.


  • You may not want to ask for feedback after you have already finished the commission. If you get negative feedback, it could hurt you.
  • I suggest that you improve your watermark for visibility and protection. That watermark is very in your face and blocks me from seeing the UI properly. A watermark isn’t as simple as just putting text on something, you need to actually spend time making a watermark.


Looking at it at first, it is nice. The composition of it is nice, there is a good amount of detail but not too little of it. You have subtle color differences within the button which are noticeable. The text adds a nice fun feed to it, and the icon is definitely well done. Congratulations. However, I don’t personally like the empty space in the middle of the button. I would suggest filling it up more. Overall, this is good. I wouldn’t say there is too much feedback for me to give since this is only one button.


Also, I would suggest improving your presentation. After looking at it more closely, I noticed the microphone wire, which is a really nice detail, but I completely missed it because you put the UI on a black background. Presentation is important, I would recommend putting it on a background which helps viewers better see the button.

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The empty space is for the person that ordered from me to put his text.

Thank you for your feedback though! :slight_smile:

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Will do! Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

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Looks great! But I think you can do better :smiley:

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That’s really nice! The text is super cool.
Looking forward to see more of them.