UI Design Feedback

I’m working on a public module were anyone can create there own roblox forum.

Included in it is:
Create Forum Posts
Admin Panel
Recent Posts
Globally updated.
Forum Page advertising

I feel my UI Looks a little more design and all.

All the pages are wip this is just the home screen. I got good knowledge including my friend to get this programmed. We also have a badge auto-granted to official roblox staff witch will automatically give them administrator on the game & grant them official roblox admin badge in-game.

Forum post area

with comments disabled by the authors choice


I’m not the best judge at anything, but I think this looks pretty cool! Is it going to be basically the website we’re using right now, but on a ROBLOX game? I like idea, but to me, it feels kind of weird having the advertisement so much smaller than the actual posts… I would make it the same size as the forum’s posts, but that’s just me. Other than that, I really think it looks cool!
Good job! :wink:

(Also make sure you have a moderation, some people can get weird when they’re free to post anything they want…)

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I’m going to be using the Roblox Chat filter thingy and a second filter to also check since people always finds new ways to bypass the filter and only takes us 2 minutes to fix that problem then roblox sometimes.

This will be tru a roblox game. and have active moderation.

I also added if you hover mouse over something gives you a description like over a forum post get View Post,etc. When this is released or in a stage to be able to be used I will post a game link here.


Some of the basic Images I may use.

Ban Hammer and one with a is for forum staff. Blue bubble I have a black version of that to reply tot he post. Pending review is for the images witch you can add, all thoses stars and stuff are ranks on the site can earn by purchasing roblox admin badge is for official roblox staff. and the builderman error is for forum page errors & banning. In the future I will be hiring GFX Artist to make are own Icons for now gotta use them FM images.


Very nice! I look forward to seeing this on ROBLOX!

I’m fairly sure using the chat filter is required by Roblox TOS when displaying user-entered text. No matter your intentions, or how active your moderation is.

Edit: Clarification

I don’t really see a use case for this, outside of your own game. It’d be much easier for developers to use Discord or another chat program. Mainly because as far as I know, there’s no way to upload files into a game directly.

Also, I’m really confused as to what this is for. In the post, you mentioned this is supposed to be a public module for all developers to use, but then in a reply you mentioned:

This will be tru a roblox game.

Also, if you’re trying to recreate the original Forums, there’s a reason they were shut down. It was no longer a safe environment.

Good luck?

Im making it filtered using the roblox filter, Im not leaving it unfiltered since very dumb to do.

In a previous post you mentioned that you wouldn’t be using it…

It’s pretty nice but if I can’t upload images or files to it, what’s the point of a forum in roblox?

Isn’t it just a custom chat system?

You can upload images by inserting image IDs

Not everyone knows how to upload images, that’s the main problem.

I will most likely add a little questionmark beside it to give you information how to.

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Yes I’m a bit late to the party but he did say he was going to use it.

I’m going to be using the Roblox Chat filter thingy and a second filter to also check since people always finds new ways to bypass the filter

What he means is he’s using the default roblox filter as well an additional filter for extra support on things roblox doesn’t catch.