UI design feedback

Hey everyone! I am doing a commission for @StolenStyle on his new game. I am currently accepting feedback on the UI’s for his new and upcoming game.


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The crowns on the left and right are off-centre, as is the text corresponding to each one.
The same goes for the cars, except its not just the left and right ones, but every single car. The blue below represents one half of each white square. Ideally, each car should be centred, but every single one is offset a little to the left.

On top of that, the cars on the left and right aren’t aligned with one another vertically (you can see below that while the blue rulers touch the closest car and are perfectly vertical, there are different sized gaps in the other cars on that respective side).


The text doesn’t match and the crowns are off center other than that looks pretty good!


These look decent but I feel like these need some more details!

I’m assuming you’re using a software (maybe Photoshop?) and if that’s true, I would expect you to go on a whole new level as making UIs in softwares vs Roblox Studio is a completely new level considering Roblox Studio doesn’t give you as much options as a software that specifically focuses on digital art.

Since I’m pretty picky myself, I think you should consider using shadows, aligning the UIs (which is very important and should be very easy to do since most softwares use a ruler). Some images and boxes don’t look aligned.

So the images, I would recommend (if you’re using google to find images) to find images that match similar to the UI. The Daily Reward images just don’t look paired up to the other images.

I would recommend going on Google and searching up things such as “Cartoony User Interfaces” to give you some ideas.



Oh my, I agree here but don’t take it as an attack on your work it’s simply for improvement. I feel like you could do much better but you’re possibly pressuring yourself which is hurting the overall outcome of the product. There is always room for improvement, just slow down and take your time maybe practice a bit more and you’ll get better at it. :smile:



You could possibly explore the option of a not so simple font for the headers/title (?) of the UI.

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