UI Design Feedback

Right now I’m making UI for my game. Everything in the pictures except for the skull was made by me using paint.net. Any feedback will help!


Looks okay, I recommend using padding for images inside of frames, without it the image looks weird touching the border of the frame. I also recommend not having a big red exit button, as that’s the first thing your eyes are drawn to instead of the content of the frames. I recommend either a toggle, or an X button.

I would also change the scores vector icon, as it’s too bright, and looks weird with the style of everything.

I used the UI Padding like you said, and I got rid of the EXIT sign.
So something like this(I will edit the score icon later):

Looking better. Maybe just a tad more padding :slight_smile:
I still don’t think it’ll hurt to change those icons on the right those, or at least the score one, as it doesn’t match the “vibe” of the game, and the grey, is just too grey mop. Perhaps go for a lighter shade.

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After the changes here, I think an “X” button is missing. Add one in the upper corner. Also, the text size isn’t the same everywhere in the star descriptions.

It looks great though, and it is a simple and good GUI.

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I added the X, edited the openers, edited the text, and added more padding. How does it look?

Looks better now, however, you forgot to do it in the purple star description.

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